Month: June 2019

COVID-19 Economic Relief Fund

When March 2020 changed the world, it also changed Heber Valley. Many stable families were suddenly displaced, without work, without shelter, without utilities and/ or without food. Our COVID-19 relief fund continues to help families that were most affected by the pandemic by providing financial relief for housing, utilities and other critical needs. 

Christmas Food Box Program Fund

With 1,000+ children in our Heber Valley experiencing food insecurity, we wanted our most vulnerable population to not go hungry over the school break during the Christmas holidays. Food is purchased and distributed to the families participating in the Operation Hope program. Last year, 1,200 children received holiday food boxes in Heber Valley.

General Health Pillar Fund

Our Health Pillar aims to bring people of Wasatch County together to promote health education, health services and living a healthy lifestyle. This year’s programs include the Annual Children’s Health Clinic, the Annual Wasatch County Community Thanksgiving Dinner, Healthy School Awards and other local programs as we see fit.