We are actively seeking a paid part-time contractor to help serve Wasatch Community Foundation board members and its mission. Ideal candidates live in Heber Valley, are from Heber Valley, or otherwise have strong ties to the Valley. Ideal candidates also meet many of the skill sets listed below. Please review the “To Apply” heading below if interested in the position.

Who We Are

The Wasatch Community Foundation (WCF) is an all-volunteer community nonprofit organization in Wasatch County. WCF partners with other nonprofits, businesses, institutions, and government agencies to advance the well-being of Wasatch County residents by uniting community resources and programs through the following pillars: Human Services, Health, Education, Recreation, and Arts. See www.ourwcf.org. WCF is run by volunteers, and the Business Manager will be the only paid position. 

About the Role

As Business Manager, you will support the WCF Board as it fulfills the mission of WCF. You will take your primary direction from the Board and must be dedicated to the cause of the organization and the well-being of Heber Valley residents. You will be responsible for donor care, managing our database, and the overall “hands and feet” of WCF. You will ensure the “trains” are running on time, while figuring out how they can run better. You will also be following, documenting, and improving our processes to help us run more efficiently and effectively.

Position Type/Expected Hours of Work

The contract position enables you to work where, when and how you’d like on a part-time basis. You must provide your own office space and equipment– including laptop, printer, phone, internet, and transportation.

You will be expected to attend in-person monthly board meetings and in-person monthly executive board meetings held at an office in Heber City during business hours. You will also be organizing, attending and helping with fundraising and awareness events local to Wasatch County– approximately 14 events per year, with a heavy emphasis of events in the summer. You are expected to work approximately 15-20 hours per week, depending on the needs of the board, which vary. 

Skill Set Required

  • High school graduate or equivalent; 3-5 years experience as an office manager or similar role
  • Neon CRM or other CRM experience
  • Leadership and strategic thinking
  • Professional communication proficiency, verbal and written
  • Respectful of confidential information
  • Organized and detail-oriented
  • General technical savvy and confidence
  • Experience with Google Drive, Google Admin, Zoom
  • Event, project, and business process management
  • Ability to lift and move marketing banners, tents, brochures, boxes of t-shirts, etc. 
  • Current driver’s license and a personal vehicle for use
  • Basic marketing and design knowledge, including Camtasia, Snagit, Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, Premiere), YouTube
  • WordPress
  • Social media experience, including Facebook and Instagram
  • Self-starter who finds solutions without immediate oversight

Pay and Benefits

  • $2,000 per month, 1099-NEC contractor, exempt, no withholdings. (Appx $23-$30/hr depending on proficiency)
  • Opportunity for immediate impact as a team member
  • Satisfaction in contributing to worthy, community-based causes
  • Depending on the growth of the organization, there is potential you could step into an expanded role with WCF in the future

To Apply

A successful candidate will be hired for this position on a 3-month trial basis to ensure there is a good fit. If all goes well, we are aiming for a long-term relationship of 3+ years. Please send us your information, even if you don’t check every single box. No two peoples’ career paths look exactly alike, and skill sets come in many different forms. 

  • Please submit your resume in .pdf format to cassandra@ourwcf.org
  • Create a 2-3 minute video of yourself teaching any subject. Make sure the video showcases your ability to communicate professionally. Upload the video to an online file sharing or video sharing platform such as YouTube or Vimeo and include the link in your email.
  • Include a cover letter answering the following questions: 
    • Why do you want to be a Business Manager?
    • Tell us about some of your favorite business, process, project, and event management experiences.
    • What are some strengths you would bring to our team?
    • What are some challenges you may face in this job, and how do you plan to overcome them?
    • How do you remember names of people you just met?
    • What is your favorite superhero and why?
    • Add in the code word “Green” somewhere in your cover letter

We look forward to reviewing your information and seeing how you can contribute to our team as a Business Manager!

This description is not intended to be comprehensive. More detail can be provided upon request. Duties, responsibilities, and activities may change without notice. WCF does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, marital status, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, non-disqualifying physical or mental disability, national origin, political affiliation, veteran status, or any other applicable legally-protected characteristics.