James W. Ritchie

Education Pillar Chair

Over the last 45 years, James “Jim” Ritchie has been the Founder or Principal of multiple business adventures, including serving as Senior V.P. for Franklin Quest (now Franklin Covey). He is a member of BYU President’s Leadership Council for both Provo and Hawaii, a member of the NAC for the Marriott School of Business, and has served as an adjunct professor at Provo. He has also served as a Board member and NAC advisor to Southern Virginia University. 

Jim and his wife Carolyn have spent over 20 years serving full-time in Church service on four continents, including serving as a Bishop and Stake President in Simi Valley, Mission President in Roanoke, Missionary Training Center President in Ghana, Institute Director in New Zealand, CES Area Director in Africa, Regional Representative in the Provo Region, Director of the Willes Center at BYU-H and most recently as the YSA Specialists for the Washington DC South Mission.

The Ritchies have eight children and forty grandchildren. Jim is also the Principal Founder of the Ritchie Enterprises LLC which began in the late ‘60s’.  Of more recent vintage is The Ritchie Group of which he is the Gray Hair of the Group.

Jim is a great asset to the Wasatch Community Foundation, and will enable the foundation to help meet it’s mission– to bring well-being to all Wasatch County residents.