Burke Roney

Director, Past Chair

Burke is the principal owner of Strawberry Ranch Mountain Resort and enjoys serving and being a part of the community. Burke has served on various committees in the valley including the Wasatch District Committee for the Boy Scouts of America and in various leadership roles for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, serving primarily with youth. 

Burke has served with the foundation for several years, serving first on the education committee and then serving on the board. Burke has served as the Vice-Chair, Chair and Treasurer. During the time that Burke served on the board and various committees over the years, he has been involved with several community projects including creation of the Wasatch County Recreation Center, scholarships for all graduating high school seniors, concerts in the park, creation of the dialysis center, and many other community service projects.  Burke was responsible for the collection of over $1 million for the dialysis center and well over $1.5 million in scholarships for Wasatch High School Seniors. The Wasatch County Rec center received it’s seed money from Burke’s efforts, and was eventually funded by Red Ledges and county funds.

Burke is married to Andrea Roney and they have six children they have raised in this valley.