Cassandra Smith

Marketing Chair

Born and bred Texan, this southern bell has made her way out west to the back-country and mountains of Utah, but she holds fast to those Texan roots. She’s got a sweet southern articulation for sales, marketing, entrepreneurship and altruism. 

Cassandra is Managing Director/Co-Founder at OnYourMarketing.com, a local digital marketing agency that serves local Heber Valley businesses, along with national and international companies. Her agency specializes in marketing automation, messaging, API development, and SEO work. She’s also volunteered for the business and CAPS programs at Wasatch High School, has served on the board for her HOA, for her credit union, and for different positions at her local LDS church congregation.

Cassandra met her spouse, Tim, when she was 12. They “fell in like” back then and are “still in like” today after 25 years, 5 kids, 5 businesses, a dozen moves, and a quantity of pets that shall not be named. Cassandra was a top academic and student body president in high school. She studied English, business, entrepreneurship and marketing at Brigham Young University, and was co-president to the student-run entrepreneurship club– ACE-BYU. She and her husband Tim won a student business plan competition just before graduating and returning to Dallas for careers in marketing, tech, finance and real estate. A tornado landed on their Texas home in 2013 and literally moved them here to the Heber Valley, where they now enjoy high-speed Internet, skiing, running, biking, hiking, nearly dying and attempting to keep up their kids who do all that, too.

Cassandra has loved planting herself here in the Heber Valley. She loves the people and is happily working to invest her energy in the community’s well-being.