Terry Pitts

Director of Fundraising

Terry A. Pitts has been in the healthcare technology marketplace for over 40 years. He served as a Managing Director of Cornerstone, a healthcare merger and acquisition organization. Terry was a Senior Director of the National Blue Cross and Blue Shield organization in Chicago for several years, served as a CIO with a major healthcare provider organization, and was one of an eight-person leadership team that directed a billion dollar HIT vendor for several years. Terry was directly admitted into Coopers & Lybrandt as a Senior Managing Partner of the HIT practice for the United States, and has served as a CEO of his own healthcare information technology companies: PCI Systems, Integrated Medical Networks, Park City Solutions, and Digital Bridge. 

Over the tenure of his career, he and his companies have received several entrepreneurial awards. In his 40 years in the healthcare industry, he worked on the payer side, the provider side, and the vendor side of the marketplace. Terry has served on many Boards as a Director and has been a strategic consultant to many companies that he has either bought or sold. He has been a thought leader, a creator of new technology, and is very well known and respected in the industry. 

Terry graduated from New York State University with a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science. He and his wife of 42 years have 4 children, and he is the proud grandfather of 17. He has served two missions for his church in Washington DC and in New Zealand. He resides in the mountains of Utah and enjoys outdoor sporting activities.