Press Release: Wasatch Community Foundation Receives 50K Grant

January 15, 2024

The Wasatch Community Foundation recently received a grant from the Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity to help youth ages 12 to 22 years old.

The $50,000 grant will be used for youth and their families in areas of education, self-reliance, homelessness, mental health, and food insecurity. The program funded for Wasatch County has been named “STEP.” The Wasatch Community Foundation believes that teens and their families just need a “step” up to help them realize their potential. Through their partners, the Wasatch High School pantry program and the County Health Department, the foundation will be able to provide additional programs and services.

The Wasatch Community Foundation’s mission is to advance the well-being of Heber Valley residents by meeting people where they are. Uniting community resources and programs through service pillars, the foundation will serve more people in the community because of the grant award.

The food pantry and breakfast program at the high school west campus will get a big boost in support, and a mobile component will be added to reach outlying areas in the county. Further funding to counseling and health services will help serve more families. A mentoring program and family education nights will bring families together as they learn skills in self-reliance, parenting and food preparation.

Wasatch Community Foundation understands the unique challenges that face families today. It is the hope of the Foundation that, with the additional funding, the Wasatch community will be able to come together and “meet our teens where they are” and help our
youth to realize their greatest potential. 

The funding will commence immediately, and the grant cycle will run through June of 2025. Anyone interested in providing additional financial assistance to the program is welcome to contact Wasatch Community Foundation.

This grant was made possible because during the 2023 General Session, the Utah Legislature allocated $4.5 million to the Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity to administer the Economic Assistance Program (EAG). The grant is a one-time funded grant. Nonprofits were eligible to apply and identify need within the following areas: industry, education, community development or infrastructure.

For more information:
Kathy Carr, Vice Chair
Wasatch Community Foundation
Mobile number: 435-671-0720