Through very generous donations from the community, we’ve been able to support over 150 families since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve partnered with CCPC/ Heber Valley Center Stage and St. Mary’s to review applications for Basic Needs Assistance (BNA), and we’ve provided funds to these organizations as applications are processed.

Here are a few stories from people we’ve helped. In all cases, names and other identifying information have been preserved to protect identities:

❝ A 17-year-old girl applied for financial assistance through our Basic Needs Assistance fund on behalf of her mother who speaks very little English. When our parter in processing applications, CCPC, called and spoke to her, she told us she is taking college classes online and had been working and saving money for a car. She said that even though they applied for help from CCPC, she also told her mom she would use her personal savings to help pay rent and any other bills her mom might be struggling with. CCPC was able to provide this family with $500 for rent and their daughter was able to keep her personal savings intact.

Our partner, CCPC/ Heber Valley Center Stage, who is helping process applications for assistance.

Our partner, St. Lawrence Catholic Church, a Heber City mission of St. Mary’s Church in Park City who has helped locate and provide care to local Heber Valley residents in need.

❝ A man came in last week who was crying. He came in initially seeking food and clothing because he had been out of work and lost his housing situation. CCPC found some clothes for him and helped get him some food. They gave him a food card to McDonalds where he went and ended up applying for a job. He got that job and soon had his first 8-hour shift! Since getting the job, he has met people who have offered him places to stay for a night, and he has now connected with several men who are now sharing a place together. He came in later to CCPC to get some items for his shared bedroom. He has not requested financial assistance, yet. He wants to try to do everything on his own. He would like to volunteer at some point and help with landscaping, if needed. He has experienced a great deal of loss that he has not dealt with and may come in for therapy once he is more settled.

❝ Prior to COVID-19, Jane was working in Park City at an outdoor ski retail shop. When Park City was placed on lockdown and the ski resorts closed to prevent the spread of coronavirus, Jane lost her job. She quickly was facing the reality of becoming homeless, because she couldn’t pay rent, let alone pay for her bipolar medications. Jane was completely overwhelmed as she had a family member attempt suicide, was out of medications, and needed a new place to live. Through CCPC’s counseling scholarships, Jane was able to start therapy which provided her extra support, coping, and emotional regulation skills. The counseling department was able to arrange an appointment with CCPC’s Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Dr. Linsey Broadbent to evaluate her medications. Dr. Broadbent helped to adjust her medications and stabilize them. Jane was able to apply for financial support, where CCPC paid for her medications and a portion of rent so she could secure long-term housing.