The Education Pillar wants to play a critical role in supporting and funding educational-based programs in our community. 

We want Wasatch County citizens to have the opportunity to enrich and enhance their lives through exceptional educational opportunities beyond the classroom. From community-based programs, to technology and college readiness, the Foundation supports and partners with providers and students, providing resources and programs to help them be successful.


We support learners of all ages and stages. From early childhood programs to adult education, we provide resources and funding to make sure every student of learning has the opportunity to excel.

Our funding helps with many programs in the valley. Partnerships provide resources where gaps in service and structure are identified. Programs we support and fund are:

– Wasatch CAPS
– Wasatch County School District
– Utah Valley University Heber campus
– Community-wide education initiatives
– Community centers and programs
– Individual students with scholarships
– PEAK Education, a parent-led program for special needs students
– A Transitional College for older students 





Our Education Pillar Team is currently supporting the UVU Wasatch Campus to establish an accredited Hospitality and Tourism degreed program. We are also partnering with UVU and Wasatch High School to develop a trades program for HS graduates that do not go on to college. We are also partnering with PEAK Education, providing transportation and equipment for our differently-abled students and young adults. Finally, we are partnering with CAPS, providing teaching opportunities for retail sales, marketing, and business to high school students. We are also exploring ways to support MTech, as their campus moves into the valley. We will also continue to explore avenues for providing adult education and transitional college opportunities.   


The Education Pillar was involved in the building of the UVU Wasatch Campus where both the young and the ever-learning in our valley continue to learn. We also assisted the Wasatch Education Foundation in becoming the esteemed student scholarship and teacher recognition program it is today, with local Wasatch High School Senior scholarships totaling more than $250,000 each year.We will continue to explore avenues for offering adult education and transitional college opportunities.