Vision: To support the vision of the Wasatch Community Foundation

Mission: The mission of the Human Services Pillar is to address the unmet basic needs of the residents in Wasatch County. 

Our 4 areas of focus are the following: Food Insecurity– especially childhood hunger, Emergency Housing, Transitional Housing and Public Transportation



  1. Healing Hunger Here campaign began over 2 years ago. Our focused efforts resulted in the opening of the High School Food Pantry and Middle School Food Closets.

  2. The weekend snack pack program has been doubled; we’ve helped students receive supplemental food every Friday at all the elementary schools, middle schools and charter school for the weekend. Our partners have been the local food pantries and Hungry Hearts United.

  3. We’ve worked with local pantries to provide food boxes to families during school breaks.

  4. We’ve provided lunch in the parks during summer 2019, and lunches in mobile home parks during summer of 2020 in conjunction with the Wasatch County School district. 2,068 lunches were provided as well as new books from our library’s book drive.

  5. Brought the Park City Christian Center Operation Hope Christmas program locally to the valley in 2019 and combined it with the Christmas Food Box program. In 2020, this program will provide new Christmas gifts to 650 children along with 2 weeks of food for the Christmas Break

  6. Our Healing Hunger Here campaign received a Select 25 Award of $2,500 in 2019 from Intermountain Health Care.

  7. Souper Bowl of Caring was brought to the valley in 2019. Youth volunteers accept food and financial donations which go to food pantries and other non-profits in the County. In 2020, $1,167 dollars was raised and 1,681 pounds of food donated.

  8.  New initiatives involve Garden Gleaning and neighborhood Garden Hubs to reduce food waste in the valley.


Due to the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, the WCF launched a COVID-19 Relief Drive. All proceeds went to organizations–  St. Marys of the Assumption and the Park City Christian Center– to assist with rental payments and other bills our Wasatch County residents could not pay. 

We hope once this pandemic ends, we can focus our efforts into finding a permanent building to provide emergency and transitional housing for residents who find themselves homeless. In 2017, the Wasatch County School district identified 264 homeless families and the numbers currently have not changed much. 

Public Transportation:

We have been involved and supportive of our county’s assessment and decisions related to the need for public transportation. The county hopes to start a trial route soon.