Released Nov 6, 2020

If you have needs this Thanksgiving season, you can still celebrate and give thanks! Give us a call for details at 435-657-3260:

Released October 27, 2020

After careful consideration and review with the Wasatch County Health Department and Intermountain Hospital, we are sorry to announce the cancelation of this year’s Thanksgiving Celebration due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. This would have been our 7th year! In its place, we will work with CCPC and our other partners to provide turkeys and other meal components for our families in the Valley. It will also include a coat and hat drive. Food items will be available at the CCPC Food Pantry from Nov. 19-26th. We look forward to reestablishing our community Thanksgiving Dinner celebration in 2021.

Tom Fowler, Wasatch Community Foundation Chair

Released Sept 1, 2020

We were able to serve 50 kids from Wasatch County through a new program: Back 2 School Basics. We partnered with the school district and CCPC to help us determine 50 children who would most benefit from a $100 gift to help with back-to-school clothes and supplies.

Thank you, Wasatch County, for your continued support and donations! We can’t do it without you!

Released Aug 1, 2020

From Dallin Koecher, Executive Director of Heber Valley Tourism/Economic Development/Chamber of Commerce: 

“Wasatch County is experiencing unprecedented economic challenges. Recent unemployment numbers show Wasatch County at an astounding 17.5% unemployment. This represents over 2,800 people and families out of work. Our hardest hit sector by far are those in leisure and hospitality. Wasatch County’s economy has traditionally been very strong in tourism and hospitality and will be again, but in the meantime, there are many families in need who are struggling to make ends meet. The Heber Valley Chamber is very grateful for our residents who have contributed so much to organizations like the Wasatch Community Foundation. Without their assistance and help from the WCF many families would not have food to eat or a roof over their head. Please consider helping the Wasatch Community Foundation fulfill their mission of helping families in our community.”

Released July 14th, 2020

Released June 25, 2020

Please see this video produced by our partner CCPC. While this video highlights Park City residents, CCPC is doing the same thing for Heber Valley residents:

Released June 1, 2020

We cannot say enough thank-you’s to our community members who have donated to our Covid-19 Relief Fund. With your generosity we have been able to provide $80,000 in financial assistance to help pay for rent and other critical needs for 158 of our Wasatch Back residents/families. But unfortunately, this pandemic is not over yet and many of our families will struggle with basic needs for the months to come. 

For example, average rent cost between $1200 to $1800 a month. Residents can only receive on average $500 from agencies leaving them to have to work with other organizations just to get rent paid. 

With these resources used up, families struggle to get assistance with other basic needs such as money for utility bills etc…

There is some good news, Community Action in Provo has received a significant amount of state COVID-19 relief funds for housing and we hope that will make more money available for local entities to assist our residents with these other bills. In addition, the Salvation Army COVID-19 relief fund has been under-utilized by Utahns and they have money for rental assistance with no wait time. You can find out how to contact these resources on our web site ourwcf.org.

Food is another issue for our families. The local pantries have served twice the number of residents that they usually do and 40% of these clients are new to these pantries. A recent news article states that 32% of Utahns are now facing food insecurity due to this pandemic, something they never thought would be a challenge. Our children are even more at risk of hunger this summer. Federal waivers that were providing additional support to the Wasatch school district to provide summer food ends on June 30th. Pantries and other agencies are committed to finding a way to get food to these children until school resumes. 

So what’s the bottom line to all this? We need more of your incredible generosity to meet the needs of your families, friends and neighbors who are losing hope. They’re pleading for help as we all struggle to survive this new world of COVID-19. Please give to our COVID-19 relief fund. Visit our website to donate at ourwcf.org and support our mission to unite community resources and programs to advance the well-being of Wasatch County Residents.