Wasatch Community Foundation Helps Sponsor the Valkyrie Race

June 3, 2021

The Valkyrie Relay™ is Utah’s only multisport relay race, spanning nearly 100 miles of Utah’s spectacular ‘Wasatch Back’ mountain range. The event pits teams of up to 9 specialized competitors against each other, racing against the clock, and exchanging between trail running, kayak/canoe paddling, marathon, mountain biking, stand-up paddleboarding, open water swimming, and road cycling. Race day consists of four events: FullSprintMarathon, and Half—everything culminating with an all-day Expo (Endurance Sports Summit) at the finish line. They are anticipating over 50 full teams from all over the country coming to the Wasatch Back and many additional athletes to compete in the Sprint, Marathon and Half.

Wasatch Community Foundation feels this race is an ideal partnership, bringing recreation and well-being to valley residents and visitors alike. We welcome the Valkyrie Race management and visitors to our valley and look forward to partnering with them!