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The Human Services pillar has been busy!

1. Summer lunch program: 2068 served in mobile home parks, weekend snackpacks provided and free children's books.

2. Restaurant initiative free family meals - 4 still participating, 25 free meals every other week. Coordinated through pantries.

3. Garden Gleaning- Outreach with local gardeners who are now providing produce not used or sold to the pantries. Also setting up neighborhood garden hubs so neighbors can drop off produce to point person and get these donations to pantries.

4. Mobile home park improvements: have opportunity to improve playground at Country Estates. Working with Midway mayor to address safety issues at Midway mobile home park and other improvement projects for that community.

5. Family Advocate program - working with Yuri Jenson who has identified 3 families in Midway and is working to identify families in Heber who can be families who can connect neighbors with needed resources. Hope to get coordinated with self-reliance program and model after program in Washington State.

6. Weekend Snack Program - as mentioned will provide financial support to Heber pantry as well as man power to get 500 weekly snack packs made available to school kids.

7. COVID Banner Promotions - Did two Mayor minutes to promote donations.

Thanks, Renee Burkley and the Human Services Pillar Team for your tireless and thoughtful commitment to the resident's of our valley!