Wasatch Community Foundation works in partnership with many local providers. Many of our resources go to these providers who help our local citizens. Please call or visit these local providers directly for help. (List updated: March 2024)

A special thank you goes to Kristin Anderson, Health Educator at Wasatch County Health Department, for compiling these resources.

If you are aware of a resource that needs to be added here, please CONTACT US.

Emergencies 24/7:

Life Threatening: 9-1-1
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 9-8-8
Poison Control: 1-800-222-1222

New Move-ins:

Abuse / Neglect for Adult and Child:

Adult Protective Services (Reporting): 1-800-371-7897
Child Protective Services (Reporting): 1-855-323-3237
Division of Child and Family Services: 435-657-4200
Family Support Center, Inc. (Orem): 801-955-9110
Guardian Ad Litem (Provo): 801-429-8501
Utah Foster Care Foundation (Orem): 801-373-3006
Wasatch County Children’s Justice Center: 435-657-1000

Child, Youth, and Family Services:

Big Brothers Big Sisters Utah (Mentoring Program): 801-313-0303
Summit & Wasatch County’s Office: 435-649-9366
Girl Scouts of Utah: 801-265-8472
National Runaway Switchboard: 1-800-786-2929
Utah Department of Human Services: 801-536-8500
Office of Recovery Services Child Support: 801-536-8500


4th District Court: 435-654-4676
Juvenile Court: 435-654-2988
Heber City Justice Court: 435-654-1662
Wasatch County Justice Court: 435-654-2679

Disability Assistance and Resources:

Ability First (Independent Living Center): 801-373-5044
Division of Rehabilitation Services (Vocational Rehab): 801-526-0950
Division of Services for People with Disabilities (DSPD): 801-538-4200
Relay Utah: 7-1-1
Turn Community Services: 801-369-5856
Utah Parent Center: 801-272-1051

Domestic Violence:

Domestic Violence Services: 1-800-897-LINK(5465)
Domestic Violence Hot Line: 1-800-799-7233
Office for Victims of Crime: 1-800-363-0441
Peace House: 1-800-647-9161
Utah Legal Services: 1-800-662-4245
VINE (Victim Information & Notification Everyday): 1-877-884-8463
Wasatch County Victim Assistance Program: 435-657-3300

Emergency Services, Law Enforcement and Fire:

Emergencies (Fire, Hazardous Materials, Medical, & Police): 9-1-1
Heber City Police Department: 435-654-3040
     Animal Control: 435-654-5727
Wasatch County Emergency Medical Services (Office): 435-657-3225
Wasatch County Fire Department (Business Office): 435-940-9636  
     Fire Marshall: 435-654-1411
Wasatch County Sheriff (Business Office): 435-954-1098
     Dispatch: 435-654-1411

Employment and Job Training:

Department of Workforce Services Employment Center: 801-526-0950
Job Corps: 1-800-733-5627
LDS Employment Services (Provo):1-888-818-4484

Financial Classes:

Green Path Financial Wellness: 1-888-279-8135
USU Extension: 435-657-3235

Food Assistance Programs:

Center Stage Food Pantry: 435-657-9493
Community Action Services Food Pantry: 435-654-2182
Backpack Program, Food for Children on Weekends: 801-830-8581
SNAP (Department of Workforce Services): 801-526-0950
Meals on Wheels (Wasatch County Senior Center): 435-654-4920
WIC (Women, Infants & Children):  435-657-3266
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints: 435-654-4872
St Lawrence Catholic Church Food Pantry: 435-654-4035

Government Services:

Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV): 1-800-368-8824
Heber City DMV Office: 435-657-3185
Drivers License Division: 801-965-4437
Heber City: 435-654-0757
Midway: 435-654-3223
United States Postal Service (USPS): 1-800-ASK-USPS(275-8777)
Heber City Post Office: 435-654-1345
Wasatch County:435-654-3211

Healthcare, Hospitals, Clinics and Public Health:

5-Minute Clinic: 435-654-1377
Heber Children’s Dentistry (accepts Medicaid): 435-654-5322
lntermountain Heber Valley Hospital: 435-657-2500
Clinics: 435-657-4400
lntermountain Home Care & Hospice (Heber): 435-657-4321
People’s Health Clinic: 435-333-1850
Planned Parenthood Association of Utah: 1-800-230-PLAN (7526)
     Utah Valley Health Center (Orem): 801-226 5246
     Metro Health Center of Salt Lake City: 801-257-6789
Veterans Affairs Medical Center (Salt Lake City): 801-582-1565
Wasatch Medical Clinic: 435-654-1501
Wasatch County Health Department: 435-654-2700
     Baby Your Baby: 435-657-3257
     Welcome Baby: 435-657-3257
     Birth and Death Certificates: 435-657-3307
     Cancer Screening (women): 435-657-3307
     Car Seats/ Bike Helmets: 435-657-3502
     Dental Clinics: 435-657-3302
     Diabetes Management: 435:657-3263
     Pre-diabetes: 435-657-3263
     Environmental Health:435-657-3264
     Food Handler Permits: 435-657-3264
     Injury and Falls Prevention: 435-657-3502
     Family Planning Clinic: 435-657-3307
     lmmunizations: 435-657-3307
     Foreign Travel Clinics: 435-657-3307
     Tobacco Prevention/Cessation: 435-657-3263
     Well-Child Examinations: 435-657-3307
     WIC: 435-657-3266

Insurance and Prescription Assistance:

CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program): 1-877-KIDS-NOW (543-7669)
     Application Information: 1-800-662-9651
     Billing and Claims Questions: 1-800-662-9651
Partnership for Prescription Assistance: 1-888-477-2669
UPP (Utah’s Premium Partnership for Health Insurance): 1-888-222-2542
Utah Insurance Department: 1-800-538-3800
Utah Medical Benefits (Info about Medicaid, CHIP & PCN): 1-888-222-2542
Take Care Utah: 385-715-1458

Homeless Services:

Community Action Services: 435-654-2182
CCPC: 801-830-8581
Homeless Hotline: 801-990-9999
Ruff Haven Pet Sheltering: 801-251-6765

Household Items, Furniture, and Clothing:

Christian Center of Heber Valley: 435-657-9493
Deseret Industries (Provo): 801-373-7920
St Lawrence Thrift Store: 435-657-0209

Housing / Utilities:

Blue Stakes: 8-1-1
Community Action Services: 435-654-2182
HEAT Program (Utility bill assistance): 801-205-4357
Heber Light and Power: 435-654-1581
     Outages/Emergencies: 435-654-2913
Lifeline- Utah Telephone Assistance Program (UTAP): 1-800-948-7540
Mountainlands Community Housing Trust: 435-647-9719
Dominion Energy (Customer Service): 1-800-323-5517
     Heber Office: 435-654-6620
     Gas leaks: 1-800-767-1689
Rural Development (USDA): 801-524-4320
Self-Help Homes(Rural Housing Development Corp): 801-375-2205
Salvation Army: 1-855-768-7977
Wasatch County Housing Authority: 435-654-2053
Wasatch County Public Works (garbage pick-up): 435-654-1661
Affordable Internet Program: 1-877-384-2575

Legal Information / Consultation:

Consumer Protection: 1-800-721-SAFE (7233)
Disability Law Center: 1-800-662-9080
Utah Legal Services: 801-328-8891
Utah State Courts Self Help Center: 1-888-683-0009
Mountain Mediation Center: 435-336-0060
People’s Legal Aid: 801-477-6975

Mental Health / Counseling:

Latino Behavioral Health: 385-316-8633
MCOT (Mobile Crisis Outreach Team): 385-722-4455
NAMI UTAH (National Alliance on Mental Illness) 801-323-9900
SafeUT: 1-833-372-3388
Utah DHHS (stabilization and mobile response): 1-833-723-3326
Utah Suicide and Crisis Lifeline: 9-8-8
Utah Warm Line: 801-587-1055
Vantage Point Youth Services (Provo): 801-373-2215
Wasatch Behavioral Health (Heber City): 435-654-3003
     Parenting Class: 435-654-3003
Holy Cross Ministries Spanish Counseling: 385-257-4400

Other Services:

Better Business Bureau (BBB): 1-800-456-3907
Encircle (LGBTQ+): 385-275-1601
Heber Valley Chamber of Commerce: 435-654-3666
Veterans Center (Orem): 801-377-1117
Utah State University Extension (4-H): 435-657-3235 
Information Referral List: 2-1-1


See also: Health Care: Hospitals, Clinics & Public Health
Baby Your Baby (Hotline)1-800-826-9662
     Heber Clinic (Health Department): 435-657-3257
     Welcome Baby: 435-657-3257
Gabriel Project: 435-714-9300
Planned Parenthood Association of Utah: l-800-230-PLAN(7586)
     Utah Valley Health Center (Orem): 801-226-5246
     Metro Health Center of Salt Lake City: 801-257-6789
Postpartum Support Line: 1-800-944-4773
Pregnancy Resource Network (Salt Lake): 1-800-712-HELP(4357)
Pregnancy Riskline: 1-800-822-BABY (2229)
The Children’s Service Society of Utah: 1-800-839-7444
Share (Pregnancy and Infant Loss): 801-272-5355
Help Me Grow Utah: 801-691-5322

Rape / Sexual Assault:

National Sexual Assault Hotline: 1-800-656-HOPE (4673)
Peace House: 1-800-647-9161
UCASA (Utah Coalition Against Sexual Assault): 801-746-0404
Utah Sexual Assault Crisis Line (24 Hour): 801-736-4356
Wasatch County Victim Assistance Program: 435-657-3300

Schools and Education Resources:

HeadStart: 435-654-1216
Rising Heights Academy: 801-455-8771
Soldier Hollow Charter School: 435-654-1347
School House Academy: 435-610-1838
Utah Valley University Wasatch Campus: 801-863-6601
Wasatch County School District: 435-654-0280
     Heber Valley Elementary School: 435-654-0112
     JR Smith Elementary School: 435-654-2201
     Midway Elementary School: 435-654-0472
     Daniels Canyon Elementary School: 435-654-6900
     Old Mill Elementary School: 435·657-3130
     Rocky Mountain Middle School: 435-654-9350
     Timpanogos Middle School 435-654-0550
     Wasatch High School: 435-654-0640
     West Campus Alt School: 435-654-4231
Wasatch Learning Academy: 435-654-6010
Adult English GED: 435-654-4231
Adult Spanish GED: 435-654-5998
Wasatch Aquatic Center: 435-654-4231
Wasatch County Library: 435-654-1511
Waterford Upstart: 1-800-669-4533

Senior Citizens:

AARP: 1-888-687-2277
AmeriCorps Senior: 801-449-0357
Mountainland AOG – Aging & Family Services (Orem): 801-229-3800
Wasatch County Library Home Delivery: 435-654-1511
Wasatch County Senior Center: 435-654-4920
Senior Companions: 801-851-7767
Senior Help Line: 801-229-3804
Utah Ombudsman Program, Long Term Care: 801-229-3809

Sexually Transmitted Diseases & AIDS Info:

See also: (Health Care: Hospitals, Clinics & Public Health)
Planned Parenthood Association of Utah: 1-800-230-PLAN(7586)
     Utah Valley Health Center (Orem): 801-226-5246
     Metro Health Center of Salt Lake City: 801-257-6789
Utah AIDS Foundation: 1-800-FON-AIDS(366-2437)
Wasatch County Health Department: 435-654-2700
     Nurse: 435-657-3251

Substance Abuse:

AA (Alcoholics Anonymous): 801-375-8620
Never Use Alone: 1-800-484-3731
Naloxone (Health Department): 435-657-3502
Narcotics Anonymous (Summit and Wasatch): 435-215-0033
Tobacco Quit Line (Way to Quit Program): 1-800-QUIT-NOW (784-8669)
Tobacco Cessation (Health Department): 435-657-3260
Wasatch Mental Health (Heber City): 435-654-3003


High Valley Transit: 435-246-1538

Welfare and Financial Services:

Office of Recovery Services: 801-536-8500
Social Security Administration (SSA): 1-800-772-1213
      Provo Office: 1-866-366-9549
Unemployment Insurance Center: 801-526-9675
Utah Department of Workfoce Services (DWS): 1-866-435-7414
Workers Compensation Fund (WCF): 1-800-446-2667

What Can I Do To Help?:

1) Be aware of your neighbors, especially those who are aged or volatile. Ask if there is anything you can do to assist them.

2) Donate food and basic supplies, and/or volunteer at CCPC and Community Action, our local food pantries. They always need help.

3) Donate cash to the local community 501c3, Wasatch Community Foundation (WCF). Cash is the fastest way to alleviate suffering. Donate at www.ourwcf.org. All donations stay here in the Heber/ Midway Valley and are given to projects the WCF board has vetted and are deemed worthy projects for the well-being of our community.

4) Make a big impact by volunteering on one of five Pillar Committees with Wasatch Community Foundation. We also need fundraising, event, and marketing help: https://ourwcf.org/volunteer/

5) Support local businesses. Visit https://www.gohebervalley.com/member-directory/ for a list of local businesses you can support.